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January-February 2017

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Hostage drama at the In Amenas gas field in the eastern central region of Algeria

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The In Amenas field  operated by a joint venture of Sonatrach (the Algerian national oil company), BP and Statoil has been attacked and occupied by a group of armed people. Latest news from BP confirmed  that the Algerian army is attempting to take control of the In Amenas site.

The situation remains unclear and the company continues to seek updates from the authorities.

Sadly, there have been some reports of casualties but there are still lacking any confirmed or reliable information. There are also reports of hostages being released or escaping.

“Supporting these families is our priority and we are doing all we can to help during this sad and uncertain time,” said Bob Dudley, BP Group Chief Executive. We are in contact with the UK and Algerian Governments and will provide updates as soon as further confirmed information is available.

As a precautionary measure, staged plans are underway to bring a group of non-essential workers out of Algeria.

Exploration | News published on 17 / 01 / 2013 by Gisela Bühl

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