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GreenBrilliance Receives IEC-61701 Salt Mist Corrosion Certification

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Green Brilliance, a leading manufacturer of crystalline photovoltaic modules and a turnkey solar solution provider globally, announced that their PV modules have received the IEC-61701 certification. The certification is a significant step in making GreenBrilliance PV modules utilizable by all market segments.

“The IEC-61701 certification proves the quality and functionality of our modules in high salt mist and humid conditions in the atmosphere. The certification is a testimony to the quality of our modules, gives our modules the cutting edge and be utilized by every market segment,” said Vineet Jain, Managing Director of GreenBrilliance.

The IEC-61701 testing determines the resistance of the modules to corrosion from salt mist. It evaluates the quality and consistency of the materials used. The testing process involves spraying of modules with salt water for a period of two hours followed by exposure to 5% sodium chloride solution and then store the modules under controlled simulated climatic condition of 40degree Celsius and 93% humidity for a period of two hours.

Achieving IEC-61701 certification makes GreenBrilliance PV provide an opportunity for customers living in regions of the world where sea mist is a constant phenomenon. The challenge faced by these regions so far has been the deposition of salt on modules and subsequent corrosion that leads to deterioration in the functioning of modules.
The certification is a great achievement for GreenBrilliance Photovoltaic modules. Its major markets such as India with its immense tropical coastline, European countries such as Italy, Germany, and USA would benefit tremendously from PV modules certified to withstanding extreme salt mist atmospheric conditions

“Our goal is to meet and satisfy our customers’ demands. The salt mist certification distinguishes GreenBrilliance PV modules as one of the very few top-quality module manufacturers worldwide. The IEC-61701 certification gives us an opportunity to reach customers living in coastal areas of the world where salt mist can make solar energy unviable. GreenBrilliance Photovoltaic modules being awarded the IEC-61701 certification ensures our continued commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.” added, Sumit Bhatnagar, Managing Partner of GreenBrilliance.
Solar PV | News published on 02 / 05 / 2012 by Bharat Vasandani

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