Green Party Chair simone peter at SMA: purposefully promoting the digitization of Energy Supply

Simone Peter, chair of Alliance 90/The Greens, visited SMA Solar Technology AG (SMA) in Niestetal yesterday. Peter spoke with SMA Chief Executive Officer Pierre-Pascal Urbon and Executive Vice President Alexander Naujoks about the further development of renewable energy in Germany and the digitization of energy supply. According to Peter and Urbon, this offers excellent opportunities in the form of newly emerging business models for companies in the renewable energy industry. Therefore, politicians need to quickly create suitable general conditions to further promote digitization in the energy sector and to develop renewable energy sources in Germany. This is the only way that German companies can continue to play a leading role in international competition.

“The Green Party wants to overcome dependency on petroleum and clear the way for a complete conversion to renewable energy – not only in the energy sector but also in the heating, building and transport sectors,” said Peter. “The transformation of the supply structures towards a decentralized, digital and renewable energy supply across all sectors is an investment and innovation project. It is also a job engine for Germany as an economic location because the technology and infrastructure required are developed by innovative companies like SMA. Politicians must therefore now set the course to lead this forward-looking project to success and strengthen the international leading role of German companies. After the 2017 parliamentary elections, we are calling for a new Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) that takes these aspects into account.”

“Digitization is turning traditional energy supply structures upside down worldwide – and it creates completely new opportunities and possibilities for decentralized power producers and consumers. In order to tap into the enormous potential, particularly with regard to the increasingly cost-effective use of solar energy, we require a regulatory environment on both a national and European level that will encourage further development in this field and reduce bureaucratic hurdles,” said Urbon. “This includes eliminating barriers to the peer-to-peer trading of solar energy, encouraging the development of flexible markets and the accelerated expansion of smart grids and smart metering.”

In this context, the “Digitalisation and Solar Task Force” of SolarPower Europe, led by Prof. Bernd Engel, board representative for grid integration at SMA, and Detlef Beister, Business Development Manager at SMA, has published 10 regulatory asks of the industry to accelerate digitization of solar electricity supply.

Business | News published on 19/07/2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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