Green City Solutions lands seven-figure first round financing.

The Biotech and Internet-of-Things (IoT) Start-up Green City Solutions GmbH headquartered in Berlin announces the successful completion of its first round financing with LITTLEROCK GmbH (Düsseldorf), coparion GmbH & Co. KG (Köln, Berlin) as well as DON Ventures II GmbH & Co. KG (WOLFMAN.ONE GmbH / Prof. Nietzer, Dr. Doll Holding GmbH; Heilbronn) and one smart money investor not mentioned by name. 

Every day 90 % of cities’ inhabitants breathe polluted air which causes every 7th death worldwide. In addition this leads to a yearly economic damage in the amount of more than 5 trillion US Dollar. The unique and patented product of Green City Solutions aims to solve this global problem by providing clean and cool air in urban environments. The smart concept combines cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology with specific moss cultures and plants that eat particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide – offsetting 240 Tons of CO2 equivalents per year in total. 

The so-called “CityTree” has the same environmental impact as 275 urban trees but requires only the space of 3m2. Thanks to the IoT technology, solar panels and a rain water collecting system, the unit requires only a few hours of maintenance per year. The construction contains sensors gathering environmental and climatic data, which could be extended and synchronized with air quality values measured by cities. On top of its environmental impact the CityTree is ready to display digital and analogue information for commercial purposes. It is possible to place simple analogue information such as writing or even company logos. The CityTree also enables access to digital content by integrating technologies such as QR-Code, iBeacon, NFC or digital screens. The vertical plant filter has been installed already in numerous cities worldwide: At the moment, CityTrees are installed e.g. in Oslo, Paris, Berlin, Dresden and Hong Kong. 

“We are delighted to announce the completion of our first round financing. Now, we can take Green City Solutions to the next step as it endorses our vision of clean and profitable urban air resulting in a higher quality of living in cities”, says Dénes Honus, co-founder and CEO of Green City Solutions. “We are proud to enjoy the trust of such experienced, multi-disciplinary smart money investors representing long-time expertise in the field of future oriented technologies. Hence, we are looking very much forward to a successful collaboration.” 

“Our first touch point with the team was roughly six months ago followed by an intense diligence. The main trigger for our investment decision was the complementary setup of the founders and the groundbreaking combination of GreenTech and IoT with multi-faceted monetization opportunities”, says Karsten Jansen, founding partner of LITTLEROCK GmbH. “The CityTree has the power to provide a pioneering contribution in tackling air pollution representing one of the most critical issues in industrialized and emerging countries. By partnering with B2B and B2G clients the City Tree addresses a multi billion dollar market with the medium term goal to establish an intelligent climate infrastructure platform.” 

The first round financing enables Green City Solutions to further expand its marketing, production and sales organisation on national and international level. For this purpose, the company filled important positions and started cooperations such as with the EU programme called Climate-KIC, the biggest European innovation initiative for climate friendly technologies. 

Investment & Trading | News published on 06/02/2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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