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Former ISRO Chairman Mr.Nair urges use of Wind and Solar energy solutions

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Former ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) Chairman Mr.G Madhavan Nair has said that the country faces major engineering challenges in the energy and education sectors.

He was delivering the 47th Mysore Engineers Commemorative Lecture on ‘Engineering Challenges in the Country’ at the Institute of Engineers. Discussing the challenges in the energy sector, Nair urged industries to adopt wind energy solutions more proactively.

“Engineering solutions are needed to develop windmills which work efficiently at low speeds. India has wind speed of 5-6 meters/sec as compared to 20-30 meters/sec in Europe,” he said.

He also expressed hope in solar energy technology, calling it the ultimate solution to renewable energy. “Research in new technologies to increase the efficiency of fuel cells and bring down the costs of cells is another challenge,” he said, adding there was more scope for research in energy storage solutions.
Policies & Regulations | News published on 23 / 01 / 2012 by Andrew Callaway

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