ExxonMobil showcases its range of hydraulic oils and grease at IMTEX 2017

ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited participated at the 18th   Indian Metal-Cutting Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTEX). Supporting the Make in India initiative, ExxonMobil today organized a National Manufacturing Symposium at IMTEX to engage with its audience from the manufacturing segment. Recognizing the challenges of access and affordability faced by the manufacturing sector the company launched small packs of Mobil Nuto H oil series specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium manufacturers. IMTEX 2017, a flagship event for the Indian metal cutting industry is being held from 26th January to 1st February 2017 at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru. 


ExxonMobil harnessed IMTEX as an ideal platform and organized a National Manufacturing Symposium which focused on innovation and lubrication solutions to make in India. ExxonMobil demonstrated how the use of their lubricants can help in advancing productivity and preserving machinery life cycle. The company showcased its offerings for plastics, machine shop, and the food industry and demonstrated its #Ask for the Grease offer at the seminar. Micromatic Machine Tools’ which recently entered a partnership with ExxonMobil also attended the symposium along with key customers.


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have emerged as a vibrant and dynamic sector of the economy over the last five decades. Specifically for the industrial automotive and lubricants segment, machine shops are the driving engine of the manufacturing industry (in the SME space). However, costs and access are among the larger inhibitors to progress. More often than not, these SMEs are limited to self-funding and are not equipped with adequate machinery or materials. Among them, lubricants make a significant difference to the performance and overall productivity. Given that low operating budgets have always been a challenge for SMEs due to which they fail to acquire better quality lubricants, ExxonMobil has recognized the requirement for making its offerings affordable and accessible to the SME sector. Therefore ExxonMobil has customized the packaging for its Mobil Nuto H – the most recommended oil for machine tools. The company has introduced Nuto H in pack size of 5L, 20L, and 50L which was earlier only available in a standard pack size of 208 L; now making it easy and convenient for SMEs to buy, optimize the lifecycle of their machinery and advance their productivity.


Ever since the launch of the Make in India initiative, the manufacturing industry is being seen as enabling progress and development, and we at ExxonMobil are keen to participate in this growth story. IMTEX is an ideal opportunity to address and engage with key stakeholders from the manufacturing industry, all at one place as well as be able to showcase our specialty offerings which can benefit customers at large. We are optimistic about the future of the industry and are keen to bring the best suited solutions across industry practices”, said Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed, Asia Pacific Mobil SHC Brand Manager, ExxonMobil Lubricants Private Limited.

MobilTM Industrial lubricants are positioned at best to help the manufacturing sector perform efficiently and advancing productivity while facing the operational challenges in a manufacturing set up. Backed by more than 100 years of industry expertise, ExxonMobil has expertly formulated lubricants and services to meet wide variety of challenges which come with the operating conditions in machine tools.  Now we are moving a step further and after creating the right lubricant, we are emphasizing on the affordability and accessibility aspect therefore it can be available to all consumers.


Smart Grid / T&D | News published on 03/02/2017 by Moulin

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