EU starts with 11,8% duties on Chinese solar panels

The European Commission has published today its commitment to introduce tariffs on Chinese solar products.


The introduction of tariffs is done in two phases.In the first stage  until 6 August 2013 the duty will be set at the level of 11.8% . From August on the duty will be set at the level of 47.6% which is the level considered to remove the harm caused by the dumping to the European industry.  Imposing tariffs in phases could be considered an intent to get more time for further negotiations.


The European solar market is divided as much of the companies are selling Chinese panels in Europe. On the other hand China has expressed that this trade war could expand to other industries.


To avoid drastic clashes the European Commission reiterates its readiness to pursue discussions with Chinese exporters and with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in order to find a solution.



Business | News published on 04/06/2013 by Gisela Bühl

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