Ematec optimise their blade beams

Ematec AG, a special equipment manufacturer located near the South-German town of Memmingen, have refined their established and proven rotor blade lifters RBT and RBT Bunny, and implemented a number of new features for single blade installation. The new-generation rotor blade lifters demonstrate a number of innovative features: 180-degree blade gripping, adaptability to different blade sizes and an increased load-carrying capacity of up to 16 tons, to name only a few. Added to this is a remote diagnosis system via the internet, a chain suspension with compensator, damp-resistant pressure cushions, a telescopic attachment point for operator PPE and optimised lighting. In future, the RBT and the RBT Bunny will also be equipped with an integrated camera system and a control-restart system; the inclination angle of the RBT Bunny will be extended from formerly +30 degrees to plus and minus 30 degrees for an optimised bunny-ear installation. Ematec will present its new ideas also at the Hamburg WindEnergy exhibition from 27 to 30 September (hall 1, booth 123).



“Our goal is to offer the best rotor blade lifters in the world, and that is why we regularly take up any feedback we get from our users and implement it in our equipment. That is how we keep setting new benchmarks and expand our role as leaders in technology in this market segment”, explains Manfred Eberhard, CEO of ematec AG.



“In a lot of projects, our customers today prefer the single blade installation over the star installation, because with our equipment they can do the job faster, safer and of course more comfortably”, Eberhard is pleased to note.


As the first and only blade beam manufacturer, ematec had their rotor blade lifters tested in a wind channel at the Munich University of Technology (TU München), the result of which was ground-breaking: The ematec rotor blade lifter can withstand wind speeds of up to 25 m/s. “This makes our equipment also attractive for use in offshore applications”, says Eberhard. The tests were made using a model (scale 1:15) produced on a 3D printer.


Especially from the wind park manufacturer Nordex, we received a number of excellent impulses and wishes. One of the Nordex requirements was that the blade beams should not only be able to lift one type of blade, but a whole family of them. Not a problem for Ematec: Thanks to their intelligent engineering, it was possible to adapt the RBT and RBT Bunny to handle extremely long blades, such as the new NR 65.5 Nordex blade. “We adapted the blade beams to the new dimensions and the new weight of up to 16 tons, and also implemented a 180-degree blade-gripping option so that it is now completely irrelevant how the blade is supplied to the construction site”, explains Eberhard. The transport dimensions and the own weight of the ematec blade beams have not increased.


Gearless turbines are also increasingly popular. In order to make the “bunny-ear installation” in future easier, faster and even more effective, Ematec is now building an even more flexible version of the RBT Bunny by expanding the angle of inclination from +30 degrees to now plus and minus 30 degrees. Upon a request from a leading onshore and offshore wind park manufacturer, the South-German enterprise has set about meeting this technical challenge. The big benefit of this will be that the hub needs not be turned after a blade was installed, which will make the bunny-ear installation even faster.


Another new feature of the ematec blade beams is their integrated remote diagnosis system, which considerably speeds up the diagnosis and repair of faults via the internet.


Wind Power | News published on 24/08/2016 by Moulin

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