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March - April 2017

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Dynavolt inaugurates mass production factory of lithium batteries.

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Dynavolt inaugurated last 9 March its new mass production manufacturing facility of lithium based batteries in the Southern Chinese Province of Fujian. With an investment of 400 million euros, the factory will have a yearly production capacity of 6 GWh, which can be used to build 200.000 electric vehicles every year. The fully automated, intelligent high-speed lithium battery cells production line uses top leading equipment from South Korea and Japan, with an output of more than 200 units per minute, three times that of other similar plants. Dynavolt adds this manufacturing capacity to the 6 GWh per annum of another plant in the Chinese Province of Hubei. Together with further ongoing initiatives, they will serve to achieve the aim of a combined manufacturing capacity of Lithium batteries of 25 GWh per year in 2020.

Wynnertech will be one of the first power electronics manufacturers to provide electricity storage installation and management hardware for these battery cells, by using its new development, an innovative compact, flexible modular system with a highly efficient battery management system and independent control of each battery series, which is aimed at commercial and industrial applications from 30kW up to utility-scale multimegawatt plants. This combination will also be used for integration in several ongoing battery electricity storage system (BESS) developments of Durion, that provides the required experience in the provision of grid support services and its proprietary energy management system. Amongst them, Durion will start to build later this year a 100 MW, 200 MWh BESS in Eastern Germany, aimed at the provision of primary frequency regulation and other ancillary services to the grid.

These milestones are further steps of Dynavolt in building its clean energy industrial chain, and a strong guarantee to further increase the competitiveness of the affiliate companies of the Dynavolt Group in renewable power, electric vehicle and electricity storage.

Energy Storage | News published on 10 / 04 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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