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DSDS 2013 witnesses intense discussions

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The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)’s ongoing Delhi Sustainable Development Summit 2013 witnessed intense discussions between prominent thought-leaders on “Energy: Post 2015 Agenda and the Energy Future We Want for All” today.

Among the leading subject experts present at the event were Dr. R.K. Pachauri, Director-General, TERI; Ms. Lisa Grande, UN resident coordinator and UNDP resident representative, India; Mr. Arvinn Eikeland Gadgill, Deputy Minister for International Development, Norway; Ms. Jyoti Shukla- World Bank-  

The 5 key issues for framing the discussions included the best ways to ensure universal access to modern energy; the ways in which modern energy can be utilised under public private partnerships (PPP); ensuring affordable clean technologies; and the types of policies and mechanisms to ensure public and private sector work together to find energy solutions.  

The National Consultation in India will be complete by mid-March 2013.  

Quotes: Ms. Lisa Grande: --“Results of the consultation today will be summarized in report with key recommendations that will be discussed at a high level event in Norway in April this year. Declaration will be produced which will be a key element. Declaration as a package will be further sent for discussions and negotiations to all the members of UN member state.”  

Mr. Arvinn Eikeland Gadgill -- Ensuring energy access is one of India’s greatest challenges.  

Dr. Pachauri: --Energy should be a part of Millennium Development Goals. If we want to ensure energy for all, we should provide solutions to underprivileged & poorest. It may not be a good opportunity from marketers’ point of view. Time has come to create coalition. The goal should be on greater research and development activities, which must involve the community to find energy solutions. A case in point is TERI’s Lighting a Billion Lives Campaign (LaBL). I feel solutions like these would certainly reduce dependence on energy intensive sources.”

Ms. Jyoti Shukla- World Bank- --The central challenges in India are ending Poverty and ensuring feasible solutions. --We must look at the bottom of pyramid to find solutions. For financing, we need to expand scope for public private partnerships, especially in the realm of energy efficiency.  

Dr. Kirit S Parikh- Planning Commission --Our aim must be sustainable energy for all. By 2020, every house must have electricity and clean energy fuels. We need to reduce indoor pollutions. However, there are technological, institutional and economic challenges in this regard. Renewable sources are costlier than other options. There should be business models to provide for effective and sustainable supply of energy. There should be economies of scale.  Measures like solar lanterns, biogas plants are short term solutions. UN should set up large funds and ambitious goals. Capacity building and PPP is required.”  

Mrs. Marie Helene: We need to renew efforts towards improving energy efficiency; increasing energy capacity and increasing access to energy. For instance, France adopted new tax schemes, 10% of which goes to sustainable action drives. Nine nations agreed to adopt such tax schemes.  

Pradeep Monga, Director- Energy and Climate Change- UNIDO There should be definition of access. We must find ways to link access to energy efficiency, and explore greater technology transfer & innovation abilities. Public private partnerships are also crucial in this regards, besides capacity building measures.


Sustainable Building | News published on 04 / 02 / 2013 by Bharat Vasandani

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