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Clean Energy Expo Asia Set to Accelerate Sustainable Development

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The Pew Charitable Trusts revealed earlier this year that the clean energy market in Asia/Oceania saw US$75 billion in investments. Asia Pacific has a
huge and growing demand for energy, and governments across the region are stepping up efforts to grow their renewable energy sources to reduce reliance
on depleting fossil fuel sources. 
To drive the momentum in clean energy adoption and policy implementation, Clean Energy Expo Asia returns for its fourth edition this year, with a stronger
focus on renewable energy innovations and project development. Set for the first time in Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World, Bangkok, Thailand, industry leaders and global energy experts will share their expertise and insights on the latest developments in clean energy markets around the region and beyond. The event was officially opened by Natie Tabmanie, Deputy Director-General, Energy Policy and Planning Office, Ministry of Energy, Thailand.
Building blocks for the future of clean energy In his opening keynote, S. Chander, Director General, Regional and Sustainable Development Department, Asian Development Bank (ADB), will address two important issues related to economic growth and development in the region – energy security and climate change. He will discuss how to build a low carbon future in Asia and the Pacific by bridging the gaps in financing, energy regulation, tariff design and integration of renewable energy.
“ADB believes in a clean energy future for Asia and the Pacific. Clean energy technologies can help pave the road to low carbon development. It enables
developing Asia to decouple its economic growth from increased greenhouse gas emissions,” S. Chander, Director General, Regional and Sustainable
Development Department, ADB.
Chander will be joined by Gwen Andrews, Vice President, Environmental Policies & Global Advocacy, Alstom, Daniel Gaefke, Managing Director, Annex
Power Ltd and Dr. Chris Hartshorn, Vice President, Lux Research, in the opening plenary session, Shaping a Game Changing Business: The Future of Clean
Energy in Asia. The session will address high-level issues affecting the future of clean energy adoption and innovation, as well as the challenges that Asia faces
in developing a viable strategy to realize its sustainable energy vision.
Over the next three days, close to 100 thought leaders and game changers in renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility will share insights
with key innovators, entrepreneurs and investors on the latest developments and issues in these sectors. Through 25 expert sessions, visitors will benefit
from the dialogs on solar, wind, hydro energy, smart grids, bio-energy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, project financing and policy developments.
Smart grid and the integration of renewables remains a highlight as Asia devises a strategy for sustainable energy distribution. Key speakers for this
session include Dr. Eng. Bartosz Wojszczyk, Managing Director, Global Growth & Strategy, GE Energy, who will provide insights into the evolution of
the smart grid energy landscape; and Sridhar B. Samudrala, Director for Asia, WADE, who will be speaking about Asia’s experience in smart grid models and
possible solutions for clean energy.
Project financing will also be a key topic at Clean Energy Expo Asia with Sessions such as Solid, Sustainable Growth of Renewable Energy Projects:
Leveraging Strength through Expansion and Greenfield Projects by Edward McCartin, Senior Development Advisor, Alterra Corporation and Scaling Up of
Financing Energy Efficiency Projects in Asian Industrial Facilities by Thomas K. Dreessen, Chairman and CEO, Energy Efficiency Project Investment Company
Limited (EEPIC).
With concerns over the growing car population in Asia and its impact on greenhouse gas emissions, sessions on sustainable mobility will further delve
into actionable insights for cities to develop and integrate sustainable mobility into their infrastructure. Thought leaders represented in these sessions include
Chuang Chih-Chao, Research Specialist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab and Nick Leach, Director Vehicle Sales Support Asia,
Scania CV AB.


Business | News published on 13 / 09 / 2012 by Bharat Vasandani

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