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November_December 2017 2017

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BESCOM warns to stop power supply for new street lights to promote more usage of solar energy

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In attempt to tide over the current energy crisis, the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited (BESCOM) has warned to stop power supply for new street lights unless at least 50 per cent of them are run by solar energy. In a letter to the additional chief secretary to the government, BESCOM has suggested that the government should recommend the same with Urban Development Department, Rural Development Department and Panchayat Raj.

In recent times, the Karnataka State Government was spending huge amount of money to purchase power. The letter reads, “Time and again BESCOM is receiving complaints on the street lights on two issues: Street lights are not switched-off after a day’s break, thereby wasting energy. Street lights are turned off during load shedding, which were leading to anti-social and illegal activities in the city.

As per the regulations of KERC, BESCOM has no control over consumers. BESCOM seeks help of the government to bring government’s order on the following lines: BESCOM will not provide power to the street lights, unless they were monitored and maintained by automatic switching system. Whenever automatic systems were not working, then BESCOM will levy a penalty, which will be double the tariff. For new street lights, BESCOM will not provide power supply unless at least 50 per cent of them were run by solar energy.”

BESCOM Managing Director Mr.Manivannan told that they have recommended the government to install solar street lights on alternate streets, so there is no blackout in the area during power cuts. He said most of the automatic traffic signal lights in the city run on solar energy,as a result, there was no chaos even during power cuts.

Initially, the BBMP has to invest on solar street lights but will save crores of rupees subsequently. The same thing holds good for all urban local bodies, Zilla, Taluk and Gram Panchayats, which spend a major portion of funds on electricity bill.
Energy Storage | News published on 24 / 01 / 2012 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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