Australian Renewable Energy Companies Offer Expertise; Look to Collaborate with Indian Market

A Country Session titled ‘Australia: An Innovation Partner in Renewable Energy’ was held on day two of the 2nd Global Re-Invest India-ISA Partnership Renewable Energy Investors Meet & Expo. The session gave a glimpse into solutions such as block chain, remote electrification, Storage, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) & pumped hydro storage. The session was co-ordinated by Mr Munish Sharma, Trade Commissioner, Australian Trade & Investment Commission, Australian Government.

Mr David Martin, Co-Founder & M.D, Power Ledger, said, “Traditional centralized energy systems are expensive, inefficient and carbon intensive. Australia’s new energy system is resilient and offers value creation opportunities for all players including consumers and investors. Blockchain works best in highly complex, transactive environment – the platform is huge – Power Ledger Blockchain solutions allow peer-to-peer electricity trading, microgrid management, virtual power plants, carbon product trading and a host of other apps.”  

Mr Wayne Liubinskas, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Village Energy, focused on India’s rural milieu while drawing attention to the fact that Indian distributors lose a large amount for every unit of energy delivered to rural consumers. He added: “A range of technical and commercial issues cause these losses - energy theft, load shedding, non-payment of bills, etc. Advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, big data, Edge Computing can help solve these issues. Coupled with distributed energy, it offers governments lower cost alternatives and puts power in the hands of consumers. We are already doing a project in Andhra Pradesh and looking for more states to partner with.”

Ajay Sharma, International Director & MD (India) for Entura, shared the future of the energy sector relies on dispatchable renewables where renewable generation combines with long-term energy storage. He elaborated on how pumped hydro energy storage is gaining popularity. “We have tuned our capabilities accordingly, combining significant expertise in utility-scale hydropower, solar and wind farms and hybrid projects with power systems analysis and grid connection,” he added.

Mr Artur Zawadski, CEO, Sunrise CSP, elucidated on the technology for the development of cost-competitive, utility-scale electricity generation and high temperature industrial process heat systems, that his company offers: “For us, ‘Make in India’ is very important. Our Big Dish technology is designed to be manufactured on the site. And it can be deployed to provide thermal energy for a diverse range of high temperature industrial processes such as desalination, chemical production, agri processing, etc.”

Business | News published on 05/10/2018 by Moulin

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