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November_December 2017 2017

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Power Plants

  • Directorio de Eficiencia energética

ADS-TEC will be presenting a 350 kW storage-based high power charger.

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ADS-TEC, the specialist for Industrial IT and Energy Systems from Nürtingen, geared itself very early on to the need for fast-charging systems in limited-power distribution grids. The decisive acceptance factor in e-mobility will be problem-free and, where necessary, fast- charging. Apart from large-scale charging parks at high-performance grid connections, decentralised fast chargers will also be needed in the distribution grids. With the aid of storage-based fast-charging systems, it will within a short time also be possible to provide extremely high charging capacities decentrally. At various trade shows, ADS-TEC has already presented the products "PowerBooster" and "PowerBooster+" with integrated fast-charging technology for electric vehicles.

Together with the Porsche Engineering Group, ADS-TEC is developing a highly efficient vehicle fast-charging system (HPC – High Power Charger) for the limited-power distribution grid – this system is due to come onto the market as early as 2018. 

With this extremely compact system, it will also be possible to provide charging capacities of up to 350 kW per vehicle in decentralised structures. Integration of the storage system means that vehicles from a wide variety of manufacturers with 400 V batteries as well as high-voltage battery systems up to 920 V can also be supplied and charged at standard, limited-power grid connections. "We are convinced that this highly optimised solution will be an important factor in promoting user acceptance and in boosting enthusiasm for electromobility", says Thomas Speidel, ADS-TEC CEO and president of the German Energy Storage Association (BVES).

At the EVS30 – Electrical Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition – (9th to 11th October 2017, Stuttgart trade show), ADS-TEC and the Porsche Engineering Group will be presenting this new fast-charging system for first time at their stands.

Energy Storage | News published on 15 / 09 / 2017 by Rashmi Nargundkar

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