4th Joint Call for Spain (CDTI) - India (DST-GITA) to finance bilateral R & D projects.

The deadline for submitting proposals for R & D projects in collaboration between entities of both countries in the sectors: Agro-food Technologies, Clean Technologies (Energy, Environment, Water), Production Technologies, Smart Cities and Design and Production Of Electronic Systems (ESDM Technologies).

In the framework of the Cooperation Program signed between CDTI and the Indian Department of Science and Technology (DST) to promote R & D & I and strengthen alliances between Spain and India in priority areas for mutual collaboration, the fourth call CDTI - DST ( GITA ) for the presentation of proposals in the sectors of Agro-Food Technologies, Clean Technologies (Energy, Environment, Water), Production Technologies, Smart Cities and Electronic Systems Design and Production (ESDM Technologies).



Characteristics of the projects to be presented                              

The project must be oriented to the development or significant improvement of an innovative product, process or service with market perspectives.

It must have at least the participation of a Spanish partner and an Indian partner:

  • On the part of India has to participate at least one company that, in turn can be accompanied by other organisms (universities, research centers). In the projects of Electronic Design Manufacturing (ESDM) will be obligatory the participation of 1 company and 1 academic institution.
  • On the part of Spain has to participate at least one company that, optionally, can go in collaboration with other research organizations (Universities, OPIs and Centers of Innovation and Technology) subcontracted in the budget.

The proposal must be balanced, both in technical and financial resources, between the parties and the results should be a benefit for them.

The fourth CDTI-DST Call (GITA) is open to company-led, market- oriented R & D projects in the agro-food technologies, clean technologies (energy, environment, water), production technologies, smart cities and ICTs and In particular the managing bodies stand out as the main subsectors of interest:

  • FOOD & AGRO TECHNOLOGIES: Competitive and sustainable technologies and applications to improve agriculture, aquaculture and food production, the supply chain, including cold engineering, distribution channels until the end consumers and looping cycle / end of life Processing and packaging technologies).
  • CLEANTECH (ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT AND WATER): Economically competitive production processes and products that use less or substitute harmful production or critical materials and / or energy, and / or that reduce, replace and reuse resources. Also including Drinking Water, Water Purification, Water Desalination, Irrigation Technologies and Waste Water Treatment & Management.
    • Smart energy systems
    • Building and Space Sustainability
    • Intelligent Transportation and Mobility
    • Societal Challenges: inclusion, education, health, tourism, etc.
    • Electronic, open and participatory government
    • Large Area Flexible Electronics
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Devices for Internal Security
    • Medical Technologies
    • Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
    • Strategic Electronics (such as Railway, Power, Telecommunication, Transportation, etc.)

Proposals in this sector must necessarily include the participation of 1 company and an academic institution in India. In addition they will be projects with a maximum duration of 24 months.


Opening of the call: March 20, 2017.

Deadline for submission of applications: 28 June 2017.

In this period, the corresponding requests for the collaborative project will have to be presented simultaneously in GITA, Indian partners, and in CDTI, Spanish partners, fulfilling the requirements and documentation requested by each entity.

Selected projects resolution: September 2017.

Procedure for submitting proposals

Spanish companies must submit their application to the CDTI, through the CDTI website (https://solicitudes.cdti.es/Internet/accesoSistema.aspx ) submitting an application for the India & Spain Innovating Program (ISIP) project. The documentation to be attached as part of the telematic application will be that of an India & Spain Innovating (ISIP) project: International Project Report (in Spanish), Application Form (in English) and Consortium Agreement (in English).

Participants from India must submit their application in GITA, complying with the conditions of said organization, as reflected in the Call for Proposals , as well as on their website http://www.gita.org.in/

Evaluation of proposals

Each national agency, CDTI in Spain and DST (GITA) in India, will carry out the evaluation of the proposals received, based on agreed criteria (specified in the text of the Call) and following the same methodology.

Once the evaluation process is completed, bilateral commissions will be convened to agree on the final joint resolution indicating the projects eligible for funding under the present Call.

The funding of the Indian partners will be made with the funds and conditions of GITA http://www.gita.org.in/ and that of the Spanish with CDTI credits with the conditions that apply to the international projects http: // Www.cdti.es/index.asp?MP=7&MS=563&MN=3 ; For more details see Call text (in English).

Search Partners

Those entities interested in participating in the program that have an idea of ​​R & D project defined and need a partner, must complete the following form . CDTI helps the identification of partners through its network of contacts with agencies and counterparts.  


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