(IEA PVPS) publishes a new Report on Grid Integration.

International Energy Agency PVPS Programme (IEA PVPS) is proud to announce the publication of a new report focusing on High Penetration of PV Systems in Electricity Grid (Task 14).

Task 14 aims at promoting the use of grid-connected PV as an important source in electric power systems at the higher penetration levels that may require additional efforts to integrate dispersed generators. The aim of these efforts is to reduce the technical barriers to achieve high penetration levels of distributed renewable systems.

Flexible Resources for Flexible Transmission System Operation (Task 14)

This report, published in November 2017, is part of a series of reports focusing on high penetration solutions for central PV generation scenarios. It provides a review of present and expected scenarios about flexibility in system operation. It summarizes and integrates results of a survey involving national experts in six countries, namely Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, and Switzerland.
The report focuses on:

  • Power systems and markets with presence of PV;
  • Existing flexibility resources;
  • Innovative flexibility resources, including demand response and PV output management for system operation.

Contents are structured in order to support scenario development in future PV integration studies. This report follows a series of reports aiming at improving the integration of variable energy sources in the power systems while maintaining the operational excellence that they have reached in the last decades. To support the development of PV in emerging markets, the experience of the pioneers is essential and is highlighted in this report.


Smart Grid / T&D | News published on 24/04/2018 by Moulin

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