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Dennis C. Cossey, CEO of Impact Strategies Inc has written this paper focusing on a hybrid, fuel-flexible, enhanced minigrid scale system which is defined here as a DER system capable of generating power in the 5 to 10 megawatt range (although it can be designed to accommodate virtually any output). This is enough power to supply peak demand for a small industrial center as well as the local supporting community infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis.

Dennis C. Cossey, CEO of Impact Strategies Inc

Bottlenecks for Rooftop Solar

Considering all the benefits, the growth aspect and the advancements in generating electricity from rooftop solar, it now makes a wise business proposition to be a part of the industry. However, like every other industry there are also a lot of challenges that are faced by the participants in the rooftop solar space.

Mr. AnimeshDamani,Managing Partner, Artha Energy Resources.

A Visit report to Schneider Electric Innovation Summit New Delhi 2018.

Sustainability and Energy efficiency are among the key focus areas in the green Energy sector today. Importance of our environment and also ways to preserve it has gained significance from the past decade. It is necessary to lower the impact on the environment and contribute greener place to live. Managing energy and doing this with digital transformation has taken energy management to a higher and a newer level.

By Energetica – India.

Can Battery Storage take Utilities “Out Of Business”?

Energy storage battery system can be placed both on the grid level and at a specific consumer’s home or business. Economical battery storage will be a challenge for utilities behind the meter (i.e. small scale installations on-site, for example installation in a home or business).

YashaswiGyanpuri, Wipro Technologies, Domain Consultant- Utilities (ENU), Global Consulting

Energy Storage: The Support Solar Energy Initiative Needs.

India already has a strong lead acid battery manufacturing base. With a few infrastructural improvements, existing industrial set up can be used for Li-ion technology development. The country also needs to focus on low-cost financing and bring in regulatory frameworks in favour of the energy storage system.

Mr. Ivan Saha, BU-Head- Solar Manufacturing & CTO, Vikram Solar

MNRE Updates

The article collates the important updates and announcement from India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

Energetica India

Power Sector Investors’ Meet 2018

The articles touches on the important topics discussed during the Indian Power Sector Investors’ Meet 2018 in 1Q 2018 in Mumbai.

Energetica India

Coal Road Map: Road-Map To Reduce Dependence On Import Of Fuel For Power Generation

Due to inadequate availability of domestic coal, power utilities were advised to import coal for blending. Coal India Ltd. (CIL) has taken initiative for substitution of imported with domestic coal since 2016.

Energetica India

IREDA NCEF Refinance Scheme

Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. (IREDA) has published a revised refinance scheme under the support by The National Clean Energy Fund (NCEF)elaborating about the revival of the operations of existing biomass power & small hydro power projects affected due to unforeseen circumstances

Energetica India

Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Subsidy Scheme

The Scheme on "Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST)Technologies for Community Cooking, Process Heat and Space Heating & Cooling Applicationsin Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Establishments" continues during the period 2017-18 to 2019-20.

Energetica India

Lab Policy for Testing, Standardization and Certification for Renewable Energy Sector

Standards, Testing and Certification are key components that make significant impact on renewable energy technology development and deployment and contribute to their further growth through a number of benefits such as creating financing options, decreasing product costs and hence increasing the market. To support the growth of renewable energy in the country, MNRE has created autonomous institutes for R&D and performance testing and certification in solar, wind and bioenergy.

Energetica India

India’s un-electrified households survey

Shri R K Singh Minister of State (IC) for Power and New & Renewable Energy along with Department of Posts carried a survey of un-electrified households in the country. The report states that over 78% of households in the country areelectrified.
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Energetica India

FRP and the ‘No pains, All gains’ proposition for rooftop solar power.

GI (galvanized iron) or MS (mild steel) materials used to design solar rooftop structures have two fundamental drawbacks; they are heavy and prone to corrosion. The search for a material that is both light and maintenance-free ends with fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP). FRP is a lightweight alternative to steel and doesn’t corrode even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Mr. Ankur Kothari, Chief Operating Officer - ‎Arvind Composites, Part of Arvind Limited

KOR Energy bags orders from four UP companies for 2.8MW rooftop solar power plants

KOR Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. a solar power company has bagged orders from four (4) companies for rooftop solar plants in the industrial area of Uttar Pradesh. Of the total 2.8MWp, 1200KWp rooftop solar plant is being installed at Apollo Metalax Ltd.

Energetica India

Smart Metering - Making way to A Smart City

The India Power Sector is challenged by power loss during transmission and distribution. The Indian Electricity market is facinga serious challenge in providing continuous power supply to consumers.

Ms. Sapna Mongia , Head -Smart Grids and Metering and Mr. Alessandro Moscatelli, Marketing Manager in charge of Smart Grids, STMicroelectronics
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