Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Subsidy Scheme


Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Subsidy Scheme

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The Scheme on "Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST)Technologies for Community Cooking, Process Heat and Space Heating & Cooling Applicationsin Industrial, Institutional and Commercial Establishments" continues during the period 2017-18 to 2019-20.

The government has continued the scheme entitled"Off-Grid and Decentralized Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) Technologies for Community Cooking,Process Heat and Space Heating & Cooling Applications in Industrial, Institutional and CommercialEstablishments" at a total cost of Rs 70 Cr. (including liabilities) during the period of 2017-20. The Scheme will comprise the following year wise targets as given in Table 1.

Table1: Year wise targets

The benchmark cost and eligible subsidy for various technologies are as given in Table 2.

Table 2: The benchmark cost and eligible subsidy for various technologies

Subsidy rate:

  • @ 30% of the bench mark cost or actual cost whichever is less to all beneficiaries in all states
  • @ 60% of the bench mark cost or actual cost whichever is less to Non-profit making bodies andinstitutions in special category states, viz., NE states, Sikkim, J&K, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhandand islands.
  • There will be no upper cap on the subsidy to be provided on CST based systems. The pattern ofsubsidy as above will be continued for 2 years where after, it will be reduced to 20% and 40%respectively.
  • The subsidy will be released to implementing agencies/channel partners/beneficiaries on re-reimbursementbasis after successful commissioning of the system and on receipt of projectcompletion report along with performance for 3 month, audited statement of expenditure and otherrelevant documents.
  • For being eligible to receive subsidy from MNRE, the project should have been approved by theMinistry before implementation of the project. Projects which are started before sanctioning will not beeligible for the subsidy.
  • The projects will have to be completed within 12 to 18 months of time from the date of sanctiondepending on the size of the project. Non completion of the projects with the sanctioned time mightattract reduction or forfeiture of eligible subsidy from MNRE, unless approval for extension is taken inadvance due to some unavoidable circumstances, beyond the control of the beneficiary.
  • Mirrors of solar grade quality will be made mandatory for CST based systems after one year ofoperation of this scheme.
  • Budgetary support for operation and maintenance of the CST Test Centres at NISE and SPUoP,Pune will be met under the scheme.

Scheme Objectives

  • To promote off-grid applications of solar Thermal systems( solar water/airheating system, solar cooker, solar concentrating system, solar thermal power pack)
  • To create awareness and demonstrate effective and innovative use of solarthermal systems for individual/ community/ institutional/ industrial applications
  • To encourage innovation in addressing market needs and promoting sustainable business models
  • To provide support to channel partners and potential beneficiaries, within theframework of boundary conditions and in a flexible demand driven mode
  • To create a paradigm shift needed for commoditization of off-griddecentralized solar thermal applications
  • To support consultancy services, seminars, symposia, capacity building,awareness campaigns, human resource development, etc.
  • To encourage replacement of kerosene, diesel& wood 'wherever possible
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