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Author: Sanand Sule, Co-Founder and CTO, Climate Connect Whilst many industries have deployed AI and ML applications to solve existing traditional problems. It is the forward-looking possibilities that are more interesting and imperative for the energy domain. This has already given rise to new solutions, which are in turn steering the development of the sector. Such as insight generation, infrastructure planning, and automated decision making Download article
Author: Energetica India While this project is relatively small in size compared to many of today’s solar farms, it represented a big accomplishment for the team. A fresh perspective was applied to the overall EPC process focusing on design and installation efficiencies and produced a showcase system that serves as the standard for the current and future work.”—Corey Shalanski, Joule Energy Download article
Author: Energetica India The Government undoubtedly has been encouraging the move towards Electric Vehicles and the shift shall be more evident by 2030, understanding which Magenta already has begun its plan to build the seamless network of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, enabling easier adoption among the audience with proximity and making them future ready.

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Author: DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions DuPont has been engaged in an extensive field survey program for more than 5 years to help gain an in- depth understanding of what makes a reliable and durable PV module. The studies have found that many materials used in PV modules demonstrate signs of visual changes in less than 2 years of operation and resulted in power loss, safety risk or both. Download article
Author: Energetica India Presently, the exchange has 6000+ participants registered across electricity, REC and ESCert segments comprising distribution utilities, generators, large consumers and several renewable energy generators.

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Author: Energetica India Energetica India highlights only some of the well-known women in India’s energy sector in an attempt to recognise women power in the industry. Download article
Author: Energetica India The joint venture will build lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions to power the growth of India’s electric vehicle market.

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Author: Energetica India Uttar Pradesh (UP) State is determined to strengthen and expand the industrial base in the Uttar Pradesh, and has therefore launched its industrial investment and employment promotion policy 2017. Taking this forward, this electric vehicles manufacturing policy supports the expansion of eco-friendly automobile industry in the Sttae and opens the market for electric vehicles manufacturing here, supporting the set targets of Government of India. Download article
Author: Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA). Given the current circumstances and progress speed, we might not be able to achieve 100% EV transition by 2030 as originally suggested. But, once we are able to put a rein on the herculean challenges that stand in the way of making the EV dream possible for India we will be able to make a significant shift towards the clean energy mobility. Download article
Author: Frederic Abbal, Executive Vice-President, Energy Business, Schneider Electric. It’s clear that both utilities and energy consumers want to mitigate service interruptions and protect themselves from outages as well as improve their sustainability. Microgrids are one answer for this challenge. They can play a major role in improving resiliency, reliability, and security for protecting businesses and communities from costly power outages by providing uninterruptible backup power. Download article
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