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Author: Mr. Sanjith Sadanand Shetty,Vice Chairman and Managing Director,Soham Renewable Energy India Private Limited Renewable energy-based mini-grids can boost small businesses, create local jobs and build economies thus improve living standards in villages. This in turn will ensure women’s empowerment, better health and education. There cannot be a better development agenda for the country than this. Download article
Author: IFC Case Study This article briefly outlines the details of the case study carried by International Finance Corporation (IFC) to develop a network of women entrepreneurs known as Solar Sahelis. Download article
Author: Energetica India CSTEP has developed a tool that would accurately assess the potential of solar photovoltaics on rooftops in Bengaluru along with the associated business case for all consumer categories. The project involved using aerial Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology to develop high resolution 3D mapsof the city including building heights and neighbouring obstacles such as trees, other buildings, poles, billboards. Download article
Author: Dennis C. Cossey, CEO of Impact Strategies Inc Dennis C. Cossey, CEO of Impact Strategies Inc has written this paper focusing on a hybrid, fuel-flexible, enhanced minigrid scale system which is defined here as a DER system capable of generating power in the 5 to 10 megawatt range (although it can be designed to accommodate virtually any output). This is enough power to supply peak demand for a small industrial center as well as the local supporting community infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis. Download article
Author: Mr. AnimeshDamani,Managing Partner, Artha Energy Resources. Considering all the benefits, the growth aspect and the advancements in generating electricity from rooftop solar, it now makes a wise business proposition to be a part of the industry. However, like every other industry there are also a lot of challenges that are faced by the participants in the rooftop solar space. Download article
Author: By Energetica – India. Sustainability and Energy efficiency are among the key focus areas in the green Energy sector today. Importance of our environment and also ways to preserve it has gained significance from the past decade. It is necessary to lower the impact on the environment and contribute greener place to live. Managing energy and doing this with digital transformation has taken energy management to a higher and a newer level. Download article
Author: YashaswiGyanpuri, Wipro Technologies, Domain Consultant- Utilities (ENU), Global Consulting Energy storage battery system can be placed both on the grid level and at a specific consumer’s home or business. Economical battery storage will be a challenge for utilities behind the meter (i.e. small scale installations on-site, for example installation in a home or business). Download article
Author: Mr. Ivan Saha, BU-Head- Solar Manufacturing & CTO, Vikram Solar India already has a strong lead acid battery manufacturing base. With a few infrastructural improvements, existing industrial set up can be used for Li-ion technology development. The country also needs to focus on low-cost financing and bring in regulatory frameworks in favour of the energy storage system. Download article
Author: Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) Policy makers in India have recognized the potential of energy storage that can help in Indian government to meet various policy priorities such as National Solar Mission, National Electric Mobility Mission and Mission for energy access. Download article
Author: Energetica India Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to make lasting changes to industries globally and the power sector is no exception. It’s still early days in terms of adoption, but there are numerous use cases for AI in the energy and utilities industries. Download article
Author: Rashmi Nargundkar - Energetica - India Energetica India was privileged to attend the PV Taiwan 2017 event which happened on 17th Oct 2017 at Taipei held for the 11th time. Download article
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