IEX celebrates first successful decade of operations

Presently, the exchange has 6000+ participants registered across electricity, REC and ESCert segments comprising distribution utilities, generators, large consumers and several renewable energy generators.

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Women Power

Energetica India highlights only some of the well-known women in India’s energy sector in an attempt to recognise women power in the industry.

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Exide Industries and Leclanchejoin hands to power the growth of India’s electric vehicle market

The joint venture will build lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions to power the growth of India’s electric vehicle market.

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Draft of Uttar Pradesh’s EV Manufacturing Policy 2018

Uttar Pradesh (UP) State is determined to strengthen and expand the industrial base in the Uttar Pradesh, and has therefore launched its industrial investment and employment promotion policy 2017. Taking this forward, this electric vehicles manufacturing policy supports the expansion of eco-friendly automobile industry in the Sttae and opens the market for electric vehicles manufacturing here, supporting the set targets of Government of India.

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Making the Electric Vehicles (EV) dream possible for India.

Given the current circumstances and progress speed, we might not be able to achieve 100% EV transition by 2030 as originally suggested. But, once we are able to put a rein on the herculean challenges that stand in the way of making the EV dream possible for India we will be able to make a significant shift towards the clean energy mobility.

Dr. Rahul Walawalkar, Executive Director, India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA).

A report on Energetica’s visit to Taiwan and interaction with the participants of REI 2018.

Energetica India was at Taipei during 31st July To 3rd August 2018 in Taiwan to visit the factories of some of the important participants at Renewable energy expo 2018 this year which is held from 18th to 20th September 2018 at Greater Noida in India.

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Enhanced Minigrids

It is important to understand the transformative importance of digitalization on the future of the energy industry. The evolution of 'smart controls' and 'predictive analytics' have allowed minigrids to attain efficiencies that far exceed the central grids capability, and they can be adapted to new technologies.
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Dennis Cossey, CEO, Impact Strategies

Power Ministry Updates

The article collates the updates and announcement from India’s Ministry of Power.

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WIND INDUSTRY ExxonMobil Lubricants for Wind Industry

For more than 150 years, ExxonMobil has delivered an extensive range of leading technical services to help customers optimize their maintenance programs, enhance equipment performance and ensure safety to help deliver services to customers more efficiently.Marketed in nearly 200 countries and territories worldwide, ExxonMobil products stand for performance, innovation and expertise.

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Enter Solar Industry: Error 404, Recycling not found!

In view of high renewable deployment, it is time for India to think about a circular economy that can reduce stress on critical materials, and support climate change mitigation efforts. An efficient recycling ecosystem can greatly help in sustainable economic growth through renewables, via employment generation and efficient utilisation of resources.

Vishu Mishra and Dr.Parveen Kumar, TheCenter for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP).

How to Turn Your Datacenter Green?

The datacenter should have energy efficient equipment which translate into not only cost saving but also results in high performance, facilitating the ability to pinpoint areas of opportunity and demonstrate the effectiveness of greener strategies.

Mr. Ravi Raj,Brand Head, Director Sales & Support, NetRack

National Wind-Solar Hybrid Policy

The main objective of the policy is to provide a framework for promotion of large grid connected wind-solar PV hybrid system for optimal and efficient utilization of transmission infrastructure and land, reducing the variability in renewable power generation and achieving better grid stability

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Benchmark Prices Solar

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has published the benchmark costs for off-grid solar PV systems and grid connected rooftop solar power plants for the year 2018-19.

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Intelizon has developed such a platform to set the standards for smart cities globally.

The landscape of outdoor lighting and surveillance is set to see a dramatic change with the introduction of IOT and AI technologies being introduced combined with energy efficient LED, cameras, electronics, batteries and green solar power. The wireless smart city will create a smart interconnected and environmentally friendly world for everyone.

Dr. Kushant Uppal, Intelizon Energy Pvt Ltd

Integration of Solar with Electric Vehicles

Integration of renewable energy will make EVs truly cleaner than conventional fuel vehicles taking into account the lifetime CO2 emissions. Distributed solar energy will help reduce transmission and distribution losses, thereby, reducing the lifetime CO2 emissions as well as the operating cost of EVs further, and accelerate their commercial feasibility. Distributed solar will also help curtail the CAPEX requirement for upgradation of transmission and distribution infrastructure resulting from ad

Mr.Vinayak Kathare, Sr. Manager, New Initiatives, Fourth Partner Energy
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